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Homophobic Trigger

Righteous indignation with a hook. (from Home Coming). Let's set the stage. Don L. Lee in the intro: "are no trees in Harlem or on the westside of Chicago. The only use/beauty she/we see in a tree, at this time in space, is the number of rifle butts it will produce."

to all sisters

what a white woman got
     cept her white pussy
          always sucking after blk/ness
what a white woman got
     cept her straight hair
          covering her fucked up mind
what a white woman got
     cept her faggoty white man
          who goes to sleep in her

what a white woman got
     cept money trying to buy up
               a blk/man?
what a white woman got?

She's come a long way: "You rescued us from the tyranny of racism, sexism, homophobia, class and economic poverty . . . You. Prodigious singer. Of life and actions. And words . . ."
Sonia Sanchez introduction to Audre Lorde's A Burst of Light and Other Essays.