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Canada Customs Protest

These are from the mid 1980s.

Canada Customs was seizing gay porn and writing that depicted anal intercourse. The issue was raised with some urgency as sexually explicit material was necessary for spreading the word about safe sex.

One fine protest day, I set up outside the Customs House in Kingston a display which featured compositions that ran the gamut of combinations of sexual orientations, all depicting anal intercourse. The words were printed on 11 x14 size paper in large font. Here are the versions.

My sheathed shaft gently probes his ass his first ring of muscle
grips the head of my cock squeezes the flesh through the latex
cover and that thin film lubed into strokes as he spreads his
hands over my shoulder blades and hauls me towards him and i
sink a few thrusts into his warm contracting hole warm wet and
his rhythm the squeeze release is turned to the quiver of his
luscious lower lip and the rubber constricts the base of my
cock and the blood rushes meeting the throb of his ass views
taut muscles thighs afire i plunge and twist his nipple and his
back arches the angle shifts i slip out. Again.

she licks her finger with intent. she lets the saliva trickle
from the downy hairs down the slit of my lips down into the crack
of my ass. she lets her finger slip quick quickly over the
growing rush of my clit. she lets her finger slide down quick quick
over the left lip. she lets her finger swirl quick so quick over
the entry to my cunt. she lets her finger stop at my ass. her
thumb through the cunt presses. let her. and her finger meets my
ass. let her. and she squeezes me into delirium quick quick. Snap.

hi nose invades my muff. snorts with glee. his snot slides
lips slithering to my wetness. with nibbles on my thighs heat
courses through my pelvis. his fingers nudge and kneed the small
of my back. his lips pluck my thigh muscle. hot his tongue
darts. his hands spread. my cheeks open his mouth open combs
the hairs slick back against the warm stretch of asking his tongue
darts to it in it and round it my ass my hole my opening his
lapping spreads and his nibble grips my writhing and he's glued
to my hole whirls tongue twists rushes in the deep warmth
movement. And his nose nudges. Upwards. Cuntwards. I push him
back to his task.

that engine strapped to her. these ankles wrapped by her strong
hands. these legs kept apart by her strength. this ass hers
for her thrust. he breasts above me flapping. my balls below
me flapping. the bed rocking. again her thrust again my ass open
to her force. her eyes her nipples points contact in out again